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Catherine Barker

Founder of Train 2 Gain Gym
Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Posing

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor based in Northamptonshire. I am passionate about health and fitness and love being able to help people achieve their goals. I understand how difficult it can be to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. With regular exercise you can improve both your mind and body. Good nutrition and exercise leaves you far better equipped to lead a fitter, fuller, happier and maybe even longer life. Personal Training is my passion, a passion to help people live better lives. To see someone achieve their goals as a result of my help gives me great pride and satisfaction as a professional personal trainer.

Nathan Banq

Personal Trainer,  Bodybuilding, Weight Loss & Nutrition

Fast forward to 2008 which is when I first joined a gym. As my strength and physique progressed people would ask for training tips on the gym floor. This developed into people asking to train with me, then if I could write them a workout plan or help with their diet or advise what supplements to take. Once brands started approaching me with Fitness Modelling opportunities, I decided it was time to get qualified. Since then I’ve fully dedicated my time to understanding ways of making the human body respond in the desired manner, both aesthetically and from a performance standpoint.

Lee Robinson

Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss & Nutrition

I eat sleep and breathe health and fitness. Coming from a sporty, background I have played football and rugby for local teams, played squash at county level and picked up a number of awards along the way. In my spare time I love to train and constantly strive to improve and increase my knowledge on how to gain results safely and effectively for my clients. I believe the key to this success is by building a solid foundation in the beginning. I am passionate about using correct form, proper technique and injury prevention. I love to see my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

My aim is to create a positive and fun experience for clients to achieve results.


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